Welcome to the Sea Library

Jūrmala translates as ‘the seaside’ and jūra is ‘the sea’. Jūrmala is a sea resort city in Latvia, breathing under pine umbrellas on a stretch of land between river Lielupe and the Baltic Sea. Perfect place for a sea library to wash ashore. Ever since I fell in (love with) water a couple of years ago, books about the sea have become my passion. In 2018 I have opened a Sea Library here in Jūrmala for locals and others to read. You can borrow a book from my growing collection or I can send it to you by post. You can also donate a book to the sea library to help to fill its shelves. Right now the library is in my studio at home, but the books are reviewed and shared also here, for Beach Books to become a flooded resource of sea literature.

Jūra ir iekodēta manas pilsētas nosaukumā. Jūrmala kā gara strēle stiepjas starp līkumaino Lielupi un Baltijas jūru. Šķiet, nav labākas vietas jūras bibliotēkai. Kopš iemīlējos ūdenī līdz ausīm, grāmatas par jūru ir kļuvušas par manu kaislību. 2018. gadā esmu atvērusi jūras bibliotēku Jūrmalā, lai draugi, paziņas un jebkurš, kas to vēlas, varētu lasīt par jūru. Grāmatas var aizņemties, varu tās nosūtīt. Grāmatas var arī ziedot, lai papildinātu jūras bibliotēkas plauktus. Patlaban bibliotēka ir manās mājās, bet grāmatas tiek rindotas arī tepat, lai Beach Books kļūtu par appludinātu jūras literatūras salu.

Anna Iltnere

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Sea Library

  1. I too like to be by the sea. I live on the edge of a Scottish sea loch and am not inclined to swim but I so much enjoy watching the wind and the weather and all the effects upon the wild water. I do have Iris Murdoch’s book, “The Sea, The Sea”, and a small collection of books about the sea, inherited from my father’s library. He was a small boat sailor, and the main reason I moved to my current location was to be beside the sea, having spent girlhood years sailing with dad. Only yesterday did I find a collectable copy of The Magic of the Swatchway by Maurice Griffiths, on the shelves of an excellent charity bookshop in the nearby fishing port. This book was written in the 1930s, and explores the muddy tidal estuaries off the coast of Suffolk and Essex, to the north of the Thames Estuary in the United Kingdom. Your library is a most unusual idea and I wish it was a little nearer so that I could visit and borrow from your shelves! My former home was in a small Yorkshire port town where the seafarers of the early 19th century sailed to and from Latvia with cargo of timber the main ballast for shipbuilding. A short row of workmen’s cottages was built by a sawyer who named these homes as “Memel Cottages”. Saltwater in their veins.

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    1. what a joy to find a note like this here… I would so much like to meet you and talk to you one day. I love to swim but I’ve never sailed! I’m writing down the books you’ve mentioned, and I hope you did enjoy my essay about Shruff End house of The Sea, The Sea!


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