Beach Bookmarks: a Talisman for a Tribe of Readers

Woven from a cotton yarn in twelve colours, each bookmark becomes a talisman for a curious traveler. Take it with you on a journey from book to book, from story to story. It is designed as bright as a row of book spines on a shelf.

Sometimes, a bookmark is our only chance to stop and close a book; a mark on a map when we open it again. A bookmark shows how far you have traveled and where you have to continue.

A book with a bookmark is a book someone is reading.

I’m weaving these beautiful bookmarks to be able to buy more children’s books about ocean, sea, islands, pirates, mermaids and whales for the Sea Library. I truly believe there should be more books for kids than for grownups in every library!

If you want a woven bookmark for yourself or as a gift for a book lover you know, contact me. I will weave one (or two or five!) for you. One bookmark costs 10 EUR.

One bookmark means there will be one more children’s book in the Sea Library.

Thank you x


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