Dreamy Sunday Morning

At 8:30 am this morning I checked the birch sap tapped from an old birch in our garden. The bucket was full and the sweet tasting birch water – frozen. Last night has been unusually cold for April. On early morning hours there were still –3C degrees. The frosty sunrise didn’t stop me to take my bike out of garage and cycle to the seaside. The sea is my kind of Sunday sermon. During the never-ending homeschooling weeks the Sunday mornings are nearly the only ones where I can ride to the beloved sea. I savour these silver-blue hours of salty solitude.

Sea looked like a dream. Some gulls and swans floated on it like origami birds. Water was light blue and grey, and horizon looked lilac. It almost perfectly matched the Sailor’s bookmark that I finished weaving yesterday evening. A bookmark inspired by a brilliant book “Vast Expanses: A History of the Oceans” written by ocean historian Helen M. Rozwadowsky. You can find this Sailor’s Bookmark on Etsy, where I’ve added also a lovely video filmed today at the sunny silent beach before I returned home to wake up my boys and make them Sunday pancakes.

As if the sea itself would have woven this one. Photo by Beach Books.
Inspired by a book, this bookmark, when sold, will give me a chance to buy one new book for kids’ collection. Since late autumn I have sold 45 bookmarks (most of them before joining Etsy, only last three I have sold there) and have bought 45 children’s books about the sea for the Sea Library. That makes me very happy. Photo by Beach Books.
“All sea stories are true.” Photo by Beach Books.
Line by line: weaving, reading and writing. Photo by Beach Books.
The Baltic Sea in Jūrmala at 9.00 am this morning. Photo by Beach Books.

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