Blue Dog Notes: “The Mermaid of Black Conch” by Monique Roffey

When a barnacled mermaid with a muscular tail becomes a woman again - just like she was thousands of years ago - life on a tight Caribbean island will never be the same again. "The Mermaid of Black Conch" by Monique Roffey is book of being good and being bad. Of love, desire, jealousy. Even the sea here is a dangerous woman.

Review: “Salt on Your Tongue” by Charlotte Runcie

Charlotte Runcie's "Salt on Your Tongue" is a book of stories, legends, myths and songs about the sea, and about women who are left on the shore to take care of the life on land, to wait and hope, while men are in the sea, and about women, who are as dangerous, powerful and mysterious as the sea itself, the mermaids, selkies, sea goddesses and witches.