The sea, everywhere the sea, and no one looking at it.

Dany Laferrière

I live; I die; the sea comes over me; it’s the blue that lasts.

Virginia Woolf

In civilizations without boats, dreams dry up…

Michel Foucault

There’s something about flood, something mythic and disturbing, that gets to the heart of our uncertainty about our place on the earth at all.

Olivia Laing

and the great shroud of the sea rolled on as it rolled five thousand years ago

Herman Melville

The sea remains the last place to which you can run away.

Horatio Clare

Full fathom five thy father lies /
Of his bones are coral made /
Those are pearls that were his eyes /
Nothing of him that doth fade /
But doth suffer a sea-change /
Into something rich and strange.

William Shakespeare

Standing looking out to sea can be like standing at an altar. You wait in silence for some kind of benediction. If prayer could have a physical destination, this would be it.

 Jean Sprackland

I love the sea but the sea does not love me.

Tim Winton

And when he came to the sea the water was quite purple and dark blue, and grey and thick, and no longer so green and yellow, but it was still quiet. And he stood there. Virginia Woolf