My island is this land that I walk or ride each day. It is three miles wide – the distance from river Lielupe to the Baltic Sea. I would laugh in disbelief if you would tell me years ago that I’ll live in a village and walk the same paths each day. Yet here I am.

There's something about flood, something mythic and disturbing, that gets to the heart of our uncertainty about our place on the earth at all.

Olivia Laing

Do visionaries – artists, writers, musicians, – have a responsibility to give us new languages and tools to actually do something about our deteriorating world? I asked. Artists David Bramwell, Justin Brice Guariglia, Olafur Eliasson, Antony Gormley and Jonathan Meese, writers Jay Griffiths, Caspar Henderson, Dahr Jamail and Barry Lopez, poet Craig Santos Perez, philosopher Graham Harman, and scientist Peter Wadhams wrote me back.