What the Sea Means for an Artist? Elina Ruka

Sea Library is a room for the sea. Books, seashells, driftwood and artworks grow on walls like corals on a reef. Far from being a white cube, the library is mirrored in each and every frame, creating a world of many dimensions and merged stories.

I asked each artist, what the sea means for her.

This week it’s Elina Ruka. I am very happy to have her limited edition print Relativity from Aqueous series in the Sea Library.

Elīna Ruka lives and works in Latvia. Her artistic interest centres upon examining the human relationship with water and photographic medium, questioning the knowledge on both subjects and juggling between reality and illusion. Ruka is also interested in culture, especially linguistic and symbolic aspects, looking at details that bring us together or make it difficult to communicate. She has received her MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago and exhibited around Europe and USA.

To get to the sea, I have to go through the forest. It has always been a familiar place but hearing the sea before seeing it brought a dose of mystery. As much as I have always been fascinated by the sea’s grandiosity and beauty, I also fear it and still haven’t learned to swim. Nevertheless, walking by the sea is one of my favourite activities – sounds, colours, smells and temper, always different, always changing, affect me. I’m meditative, exhilarated, reflective, creative. It makes me feel how comforting the change could be.

Elina Ruka
Elina Ruka. Relativity. Limited edition photographic print from Aqueous series. 2015
Elina Ruka. Relativity. Limited edition photographic print from Aqueous series. 2015


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