A Woven Blanket Inspired by Kevin Barry’s “Night Boat to Tangier”

For the shelves in the Sea Library to be filled with new books, I’ve learned to weave on a large wooden frame, my loom. I weave wool blankets for book readers to hug their shoulders. I call them the “dreaming blankets”.

Weaving is a beautiful process, similar to reading or writing – line after line after line. No wonder, we say: to weave a story.

This is a first of dreaming blankets. Colours are inspired by Kevin Barry’s book “Night Boat to Tangier”. Future blankets will be inspired by other books from the Sea Library.

Darkly comical novel “Night Boat to Tangier” was published in 2019 and is set over a 24-hour period on 23 October 2018 in the terminal building at the Andalusian port city of Algeciras in southern Spain. It follows longtime partners and “fading gangsters from Cork City” Charlie Redmond and Maurice Hearne as they wait for Maurice’s missing daughter, Dilly, to pass through on a boat from Tangier, Morocco or leave on one heading there. The two men were once involved in smuggling Moroccan hashish to Ireland through the ports of Spain

One dreaming blanket takes me 15 days and 2 km of wool yarn to make. It costs € 245 + the book as a gift + free post. If you want to order, let me know. I’ve sold the original one pictured, but can make another one for you.

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