Twinkling Stars, Bright Moon and a Lighthouse Beam Guide a Little Red Boat Home

“I think of the lighthouse, the moon and the stars – all the sea lights that guide us home,” says little girl tucked in bed when their night journey is over. Girl with her dad, a fisherman, was at sea that night. Their red boat was guided by starlight, moonlight, a lighthouse beam and later on land they were guided home by streetlights and a candle.

“Sea Lights” written by Ruth Symons and illustrated by Carolina Rabei is published in 2019 by Templar Books. Photo by Beach Books.

“Sea Lights” by Ruth Symons and Carolina Rabei is a magical seaside storybook, where pictures move. Readers can turn a wheel to make a lighthouse work, or open a cardboard page and see how dolphins jump in a moonlit sea. This is an irresistibly beautiful book that makes you wonder what lights guide you in the dark.

“At night we sail over the inky black sea, me and my dad, in out little red boat. We cast out our nets and wait in the dark, and the starlight shines above us.”
“We haul in our cats of silvery fish, then the boats all turn back to the shore. My stripy scarf sails in the salty sea breeze and the moonlight guides us home.”
We walk hand in hand through tight, cobbled streets then past the bright lights of a fairground to our home on a hill, looking over the sea where a candle guides us home.”

Thank you Hugh for donating this magical book to the youngest readers of the Sea Library.

You can borrow “Sea Lights” from the Sea Library together with “Under the Stars: A Journey into Light” by Matt Gaw and read also how Adam Nicolson sailed at night navigating by stars.

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