“Meet me by the Sea” by Taltal Levi

Beautiful new book for kids in the Sea Library. “Meet me by the Sea” is written and illustrated by @taltal_levi_ who was born in Israel and currently works and lives in Switzerland. From a young age she used drawing as a tool to liberate herself from reality’s hardships and dullness. Taltal loves telling stories about characters who embrace their vulnerability and overcome obstacles. “Meet me by the Sea” is a story about a girl whose parents are too busy to play so she decides to visit her favourite places on her own. Along the way she discovers a wonderful surprise.

Book was first published in Switzerland in 2020, but this English translation is released by @northsouthbooks in New York also in 2020. I was glad to find out that it was printed in Latvia! Happy to have it in the Sea Library now.

Kids books for the Sea Library are bought thanks to sold woven bookmarks. If you want a bookmark, let me know! Let’s help the collection grow.

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