Sailor’s Bookmarks for Christmas?

Last week I finished an order of ten bookmarks for a lovely little shop in the Azores, Portugal. While I am weaving a few more for fans of the Sea Library and sea, I wanted to write a note. If you want to give someone a Sailor’s bookmark this Christmas, please, send me a message until November. I wish I was an octopus but I have only one pair of weaving hands and also the postman sometimes travels slower than expected. But I would love to make a beautiful gift for a book lover.

Books for kids in the Sea Library are bought thanks to sold woven bookmarks.

Besides, each sold bookmark gives me a chance to buy one new sea book for kids. I started weaving these last October. This year has let me buy more than 100 new books for Kids Sea Library.

One bookmark costs 20 EUR (posting + Sea Library’s postcard is for free). E-mail me if you want one. Colours are up to you!

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